Michael Adamson, Hidden Cairn at Birch Narrows, 2016.

Michael Adamson

Hidden Cairn at Birch Narrows, 2016

Oil on canvas
Size: 60" x 55"
Value: $15,500


"A classically trained painter who is his own guerrilla-style gallerist. A romantic who is a realist. A third-generation artist who strives to do things first. At the end of the 1990s he began creating showrooms for his own work in vacant properties around Toronto, drawing both crowds and rave reviews. Michael Adamson is a contradiction in terms. Adamson is his own leader, responsible for inspiring a new generation of art school students to pick up their paint brushes to create lush, colour saturated works whose raison-d'être is that they are, well, painterly."

Dierdre Kelly, Globe and Mail, March 2013


Watermark Project Contributor

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